How to work for a cause and get paid to do it, too

Bridget Bowers

A plethora of opportunities exist in the non-profit world, allowing you the incredible opportunity to combine your interests, values, education and skills in a rewarding career.

The misconception that careers in the non-profit industry are always unpaid is simply not true.

While there are many volunteer programs to choose from, and some internship opportunities may be unpaid, there are also many full time employees working and being paid to help run these programs as well as other socially responsible organizations.

Opportunities in the non-profit sector range from grassroots organizations, community outreach programs, cultural/arts administration and social work to larger, more national agencies such as the American Cancer Society.

Non-profits are in need of students with a variety of interests and backgrounds including business, communication, marketing, social services, event planning, project management, language skills and political science.

Villanova will be hosting this year’s Non-Profit Career Fair on its campus this year on March 29, 2005 from noon to 3:30 p.m. in the Connelly Center.

Together with area schools and, Villanova has helped to gather 60+ non-profit agencies and organizations that will be in attendance.

Additionally, panels will be occurring throughout the day with topics including Arts Administration Careers; Spare Change: Class and Activism, Putting Your $ Where Your Mouth Is; How to Market Yourself to a Non-Profit; and Business Careers in the Non-Profit Sector.

For additional information regarding attending organizations and panelists visit or the Career Services website,

So, think outside the box. Explore the vast and multifaceted arena of non-profit careers on March 29 and be sure to check out for additional job/internship postings.