University offers funded research opportunities-

Raynor Denitzio

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Grants and Awards announced a call for proposals for the University’s Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program. The program provides students with the opportunity to carry out funded research with a faculty sponsor.

“The program began a number of years ago to make Villanova students more competitive on a national level for nationally competitive fellowships,” said Dr. Edwin Goff, co-chair of the faculty council for undergraduate research. “Villanova students did not have as much opportunity to do research as the successful candidates for these fellowships.”

The projects must have a faculty sponsor for their research and, must submit a proposal explaining the project, provide a budget and state the anticipated final result of the research. The research must also be distributed either through undergraduate or professional journals or in national conferences.

“We want an external venue of dissemination so that the work will be part of a national level,” said Goff.

The program is open to all full-time undergraduate students of all majors. Students whose proposals are accepted for funding by the program will receive $1,000 for research conducted during the school year and $2,500 for plans undertaken during the summer. The program will also provide funding for other expenses incurred during the research.