Dupes brews melting pot of thoughts

Chris Duprau

My initial plan this week was to write an entire article about the time I had in Syracuse watching the ‘Nova game and give my thoughts on its horrific ending. Then I thought to myself, “Do I want to relive that painful night again?” The answer is a definite no.

Therefore, I’ve decided to lighten it up this week and follow the format of my mentor Bill Simmons and just let loose on some random thoughts that have been running around my head. Considering that I only have school three days a week and that we’ve had two weeks off this month, I have had even more free time to sit around and ask myself the questions that really need to be asked and state some truths that need to be stated.

For example, why would some Villanova fans wear sky blue ‘Nova gear to the ‘Nova-Carolina game?

Has anyone else considered how good it would be if Wendy’s served breakfast? They already have by far the best food of the main chicken and burger fast food places. Their breakfast would probably be extraordinary.

Why hasn’t everyone tried Budweiser Select yet? It’s delicious.

Has the career of Hootie and the Blowfish fallen so far that Darius Rucker has to sing a song on the insane Burger King commercial? Apparently, and thank goodness, because I love that commercial.

Why aren’t the Golden State Warriors ever good?

The speech Christopher Walken makes in the movie “Man on Fire” is one of the coolest ever: “Creasy is an artist, and his art is death. Now he’s going to paint his masterpiece.” WOW.

Has anyone ever, and I mean EVER seen a Sonic restaurant? It’s my belief that the entire chain is fictitious.

I still think that Keanu’s best role was playing “footsteps” Shane Falco in “The Replacements,” which is on this Saturday at 9 on TBS.

Die Hard 3 was the best Die Hard.

Mets third basemen David Wright and I were born on the exact same day. That’s so cool.

If a California car bomb is Yeager and Red Bull, and an Irish car bomb is Whiskey, Bailey’s and Guinness, then I propose a ‘Nova car bomb to be a shot of Bankers Club (vodka or whiskey) in a glass of Natural Light.

What the heck is a Tar Heel?

The laziest thing I’ve seen this semester was my buddy Dan Morris swallowing Listerine because he didn’t feeling like getting up to go to the sink.

“Time of our Life” from “Dirty Dancing” has to be the best duet karaoke song EVER.

Does anyone else wake up everyday during baseball season and say, “I hate the Yankees?”

If an eighth grade version of myself could see me now rooting for the Miami Heat because they have my favorite player, I’m pretty sure he would pelt me with spit balls.

Mmm . . . Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.

Does anyone realize that Albany is closer to New York City than it is to either Buffalo or Canada?

The movie “Saving Silverman” makes me believe that I would have a really fun time hanging out with Neil Diamond.

Here’s what I hope to be hearing every Sunday this fall: “Manning back to pass, he’s going deep. Got a man open in the end zone…TOUCHDOWN Plaxico Burris!”

Here’s what I will probably be hearing every Sunday this fall: “Manning back to pass, he’s got a man deep…OH! He got nailed from behind. Boy, the offensive line didn’t block anybody there.”

When I saw my friend Dukes wearing a robe on the beach in Jamaica, I realized how happy I am to be an American.

I’m kind of mad I missed the T.V. movie, “Spring Break Shark Attack.”

Coors Original gets a bad reputation due to Coors Light.

The ‘Nova team next year will be arguably the best team since the Allies of WWII.


So there you have it. These are the thoughts that run through my mind. Next week find out my 10 things to look forward to this baseball season. Until then keep on keepin’ on.