Outgoing executive staff remembered

Santo Caruso

There are certainly a lot of perks to being SGA president. Power, money, women. Well, not actually those things, but at least résumé fodder, right?

Still, it is a tough job, not for the weak of constitution (get it? constitution.)

For the last year Joe Breslin, Steve Cronin and Frank Brogna have served as our Executive Branch, and though they admit their work is not always seen by the ‘Nova Nation, what they accomplished is still impressive.

Although they are most proud of their internal changes, there certainly have been some noticeable external ones.

After a major uproar from students after the removal of the newspapers, they pushed back hard for the return of the “readership program,” which provides the free New York Times and USA Today newspapers.

In May they will rename the infamous Aldwyn Path, in memory of students past and present with hopes of removing the stigma that has surrounded the renovated connection between Main and South.

Also within the next month, stero speakers will be installed around the Oreo.

These speakers will be hooked up to XM radio and be available to all student groups, as well as for general use during some of these beautiful spring days we’ve been blessed with.

Joe, Frank and Steve feel they’ve done a lot more for the community than fixing the “rape trail” and surrounding Connelly with music. They have worked to restructure SGA and change the role the organization plays in the community.

“We did a strict analysis of how the SGA is made up, and found we didn’t have a lot of sway,” said Breslin.

“Money would be spent, and we wouldn’t be consulted. That didn’t seem right, because we represent the students.”

So Joe, the president, Steve, the vice president and Frank, the chief of staff, have looked beyond the short-term to not only give the SGA more power, but more importantly to reestablish the student government association as the place for students to go when they want something done.

They are now trying to smooth out some of the rough spots they went through in transition from regimes.

They will invite the newly elected to a day-long meeting, where they will go over the various intricacies they have picked up during their term.

Their hope is to continue the work they’ve done by allowing the rookies to benefit from their veteran wisdom.

We may not see the direct effects of the Breslin/Cronin ticket immediately, but they have certainly left the office better than it was when they were given it and have even learned a little bit from their time as leaders of the University.