Alternative approach to post-gradute life offered

Jamie Hughes

So, what are you doing with your life? Many students here at the University contemplate this question on a daily basis. The future often acts as a source of anxiety and stress especially when career options seem unappealing. Roadtrip Nation, a new program on campus, is intended to help open students’ eyes to alternative possibilities.

As recent graduates of Pepperdine University, Nathan Gebhard and Mike Marriner were uncertain about their career choices. Eager to explore other options, they set out on a road trip across the country in a bright green RV. While traveling they interviewed leaders and thinkers who have taken nontraditional paths to success. Among many others, these individuals included Mike Dell of Dell Computers, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Beth McCarthy Miller, the director of Saturday Night Live. They compiled these interviews and their road trip experience into a documentary which aired on PBS.

This year, University students can create their own road trip experience in several ways. Roadtrip has a five week summer program in which students arrange and conduct the interviews of their choice with the Roadtrip Nation film crew. Applications are now available in Career Services.

The deadline for the summer program is April 1.

Roadtrip Nation also sponsors mini road trips. For example, Roadtrip Nation will cover the expenses for an interview with an interesting and successful person in a nearby city or state.

Roadtrip Nation encourages students to seek different career opportunities, to pursue a passion, and to find a path in life. Nancy Dudak of Villanova’s Career Services feels that Roadtrip Nation is a welcome addition to campus programs.

“As a concept, Roadtrip Nation is empowering to students,” Dudak said. “It encourages them to listen to their own voices and to follow their hearts in traveling their own roads.”

She also compliments the Roadtrip Nation organization on its professional attitude and relationship with students, career centers and corporate sponsors. Since the founders of Roadtrip Nation have been highlighted at recent career conferences, Nancy said, “I’m very pleased that Villanova is one of the 100 campuses selected to work with them.”

Career Services also looks forward to hosting Roadtrip Nation on campus on April 25.