SGA winners announced after run-off

Lisa DiTuro

Jon Ambrose and Jeff Morris are the new heads of SGA, after garnering 1,437 votes in last Thursday’s run-off election. Chris Day and Derek Martin, the other presidential ticket, managed to obtain 1,248 votes, for a total of 2,685 votes cast. This number increased by 499 votes since the original election two weeks earlier.

The winners will be sworn into office next Thursday, April 28, at the SGA Awards Banquet.

Although that is the official start to their administration, the two have already logged several semesters with SGA.

“We are coming in ready to play,” Ambrose said. “We’ve been working with SGA for years now. We know how things work, we already know the right people and now we are finally in a position to get things done.”

They plan to update the equipment in the gyms, in an effort they have been working on from within SGA for some time.

This “we can do more” attitude is the platform they ran on this past month.

“I’m actually looking forward to getting back to just doing work,” Morris said. During the election season, he said, “We were putting in eight- to twelve-hour days.”

Ambrose said he enjoyed shaking 3,000 hands on the campaign trail, calling it a blast even though admitting it was a lot of hard work.

Fueled by the help of friends, who Ambrose claimed put in as much time as the candidates themselves did at times, they plan to use that same practice to power their projects during the year.

They have already started to establish their cabinet. They say this cabinet will be an effective way to run the government and will give them a team of different people they can count on.

Ambrose and Morris plan to bring back Brian Lamsback and Phil Consuegra, who will head up the ‘Nova Nation committee. The members of the ‘Nova Nation committee will be advocates for all ‘Nova athletics, not a fan club. Their goal will be to raise the spirit and quality of life on campus.

They have to build a government from the ground up, a process that normally takes until October to fully form, but Ambrose and Morris plan to have it all established and running by the first day of the fall semester, a first for any administration.

Also by day one, Ambrose and Morris claim that the Villanova movie channel will by crystal clear and running efficiently.

The new SGA leaders relished the memory of their victory.

“All I heard was, ‘The next President is Jonathon Ambrose and Jeff…,’ and then I just started shaking hands and hugging my friends,” said Ambrose of the announcement of their victory.

“It was a happy sense of well-earned satisfaction.”

“We worked hard for it, as did our other competitors,” said Morris. “We saw Jim and Jon out there shaking hands, too. They ran a good clean campaign, and so did we.”

“We really want to thank everyone that supported us and had confidence in us. We will not let you down.”