Four years of highs, lows and some regrets

Chris Duprau

Wow, that went by waaaay to fast. Wasn’t I just in orientation group 73 doing the bugaloo dance and trying to hit on every girl in the group?

These past four years have been filled with some great times that I will never forget. Despite all the good times, I still have some regrets. Yes, even Dupes has a few regrets ranging from sports, to life, to love.

When I came here the New York Giants had defeated the Eagles in 10 straight games and were the defending NFC champions. I obviously felt superiority over the Eagles fans which surrounded me and assumed the next four years would just be an extension of the Giants dominance.

Well, there is no sporting regret that burns deeper inside of me then the fact that the Giants went a total of 1-7 against the Eagles in the past four years. The worst part is that the lone victory was during Christmas break so I did not even get a chance to gloat – very unfortunate.

I regret the fact that I had roughly a total of three months in which the Mets were actually exciting to watch during my four years. There was the dramatic end of the season run in 2001 and the respectable April of 2002 and now 2005. My biggest baseball highlight here has been the Yankees losing, which is still always enjoyable.

I regret that this campus is a Pepsi campus. I love Coke and to be forced to drink this second rate soda during my college career has been a tedious thing that I will luckily not have to deal with anymore.

I regret missing the two rugby games during my freshman year. Every underclassman, it is imperative that you go to every rugby game that you can. There are no days that I have enjoyed more in my college career then the rugby days.

When I first went to one I thought to myself, “This must be what heaven is like.” People were drinking, puking and everyone was having a great time. A couple of my senior friends missed rugby day this past weekend in what I deem an inexcusable offense which I’m sure they will regret the rest of their lives. Whatever you underclassmen do in the future, do not make the same mistake they did.

I regret not being in a flip cup league until this semester. I’m sure all of you are familiar with the party game known as flip cup. Well my friend Katie “Dutch” Swolfs loves it so much that she decided to start a league. This is easily the greatest league ever. We are even having a entire day final double elimination tournament in which the winners get t-shirts and what “Dutch” calls a “handsome reward.” All I know is that if my team wins it will probably be the greatest athletic achievement of my life.

I regret that my freshman dorms sandal golf tournament was never able to come to fruition due to the “no hall sports” policy. I feel that these sports need to be judged in a sport by sport basis. Playing wiffle ball in the hall, probably not a good idea, but sandal golf probably would have been okay. If a sport was ever made to be played in a dorm room hall it is sandal golf.

I regret the fact that I did not go to more men’s basketball games in my “king of the court” outfit. I really didn’t start wearing it until this year, and this is the year they finally did great. Therefore, I believe that if I had worn the costume in other years it might have helped the team. Am I giving myself too much credit for their success? Probably, but then again maybe not.

I regret never hooking up with Meghan Varley, Tracy Naida and Chrissy Gibson. By “hooking up” I don’t mean all the way, I’m talking not even having a sweet makeout session.

Speaking of getting kicked out and banned from a dorm, I certainly regret that whole mess. I must have seen Tom Demarco that year more then his family did. I put most of the blame on a RA who resembled a squirrel in headlights. She had a vendetta against me and would not rest until I was out of Stanford Hall. She won that round, but one day I’ll see her at homecoming and I’m pretty sure a beer is going all over her.

I regret that I used to be a Maloney’s guy instead of an Erin’s Pub one. After having over a year to sample the two, I just have to say that Erin’s is better. It has more room the Maloney’s, better dart boards, and most of all, Martin the bartender. I’ve debated highly about putting Martin into my will in case anything happens to me. God bless that man.

Finally, I regret not writing these witty columns before this year so that my mom could have read them. She passed away in July, and I’m sure she would have liked reading these in the teacher’s lounge at her school. I’m pretty sure though that the big guy up stairs has some sort of wireless connection, so she’s probably checking out the columns here and there.

Well, that is a rap ladies and germs. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing this column every week this year. I hope all you people who checked out the column here and there enjoyed it and maybe even laughed here and there. Its been a hell of a ride Villanova, and one thing I certainly don’t regret is coming here.

Until we meet again, keep on keepin’ on.