Burning questions need answering

Philp Consuegra

It always comes around this time of year. Everyone’s stressing out over exams, everyone worried that their end-of-semester output just isn’t enough. Heck, with all this stressing and worrying going on, it’s hard to focus on a year in review article that has a little punch.

They say that at every end there is a new beginning, and at the end of this year, it’s only fitting that we look at not only what was, but also what is to come in the near future. I normally have burning questions that must be answered before we come back here at this time next school year.

So, without further ado, here are the top burning questions for the 2005-2006 summer and school year.

Can the Patriots make it a three-peat? The New England Patriots made it look easy in the playoffs this past year, and they haven’t shown any signs of stopping. The signing of David Terrell from the Bears makes him an immediate target for Tom Brady coming out of the gates this season. Sure, they lost their coordinators, but the players are the same and Bill Bellichick’s coaching system will still be there. Barring injury, your safe money should be put on the Pats to make it three in a row.

Will Phil Jackson come back to the Lakers? I think Kobe is just too much of a headache for anyone to want to come back to. He’s “uncoachable,” according to the Zen Master, and he’s driven out Shaq plus others. If I were Phil, I’m taking the job in Cleveland over L.A., for the simple reason that Kobe is just plain trouble.

Will Allen Iverson ever get any real help in Philadelphia? It seems as though Iverson is the only one that cares about winning in the Sixers organization. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but he’s been a bit less selfish, with the hopes the team can rally around him. But help can’t do much unless Iverson actually practices, which doesn’t look like is going to happen any time soon. They’ll be a perennial seven seed until some attitudes change on this team.

Will Barry Bonds ever play again? I certainly hope not. After the steroids scandal, I think someone upstairs is giving ol’ Barry something to think about. Plus, do we really want a guy like Barry Bonds to break a guy like Hank Aaron’s record?

Can the Yankees get over their early season woes and win the World Series? They’re the Yankees. They’ll be there. While I would love to see a Yankees-less playoffs, they’ll find a way to make it to the postseason – that is, unless they want the Boss to get out the guillotine. I don’t think they’ll win it all, but they’ll go deep in the playoffs.

Will Tiger Woods win the Grand Slam? His win at Augusta was impressive, but he faltered in the end. I think this season we’ll see four different Major winners, one of them being Phil Mickelson and another being Vijay Singh.

Will the NHL ever have a season again? I remember asking this a few months ago, and thanks to the stubbornness of Gary Bettman and the Player’s Association, the answer is still the same. The earlier they realize that no one here is winning in this strike, the better it is for the NHL to be salvaged. I don’t think it’ll happen, as hockey’s popularity is waning, and outside of this writer and true fans, no one really misses hockey.

Will Drew Bledsoe work out in Dallas? They’ve tried Vinny Testaverde. They’ve tried Drew Henson. And now, they’re going to try Drew Bledsoe. I don’t really understand why the Tuna is putting himself through all this. If Henson is their quarterback of the future, it would help if he actually got to play. If Bledsoe can get protection, he’ll be fine. If not, Big D has got a lot of problems.

Can Donovan McNabb break the Madden curse? No. Maurice Clarett? Well, if that Denver offensive line can make Olandis Gary and Reuben Droughns Pro-Bowlers, they can make anybody Pro-Bowlers. Heck, they could make my grandmother a Pro-Bowler.

Will the Villanova Wildcats claim what’s rightfully theirs in Indianapolis? They better still be steaming over the phantom travel. I know I am. After all they’ve been through, no team deserves the National Championship next year more than ‘Nova. Mark my words, you will see us in Indianapolis. You’ll also see Jason Fraser hoisting a large wooden trophy above us while Allan Ray, Randy Foye and Curtis Sumpter cut down the nets at RCA Dome.

Well, there you have it, those questions need answering. It’s been a great year, and to the rising seniors: we’ve got one more year left. Let’s make it count. To the class of 2005: Good luck, we’ll hold down the fort from here.