Univ. signs contract for summer storage

Fernando Costa

This year, the University has signed a contract with Collegeboxes to provide summer storage for students.

Collegeboxes was originally the subject of a class project at Duke University in 1999 as a solution to the inadequate storage options being provided to students.

The company now provides summer storage to about 36 colleges around the nation, and it adds their service to about six new schools every year.

Previously, Villanova University provided storage over the summer, but as they encountered problems, the University signed an exclusive contract with Collegeboxes.

Residence Life knew that in order to keep providing summer storage for students they would have to raise the prices of boxes. However, Josh Kowitt, vice president of Collegeboxes, contacted the University and offered to run the business for them.

The impact on the campus community can already be felt. Students seem excited about the service.

“This is great, since I live in Utah,” said one freshman.

The main advantage with Collegeboxes is that students do not need to carry their packed heavy boxes anywhere.

Student’s belongings are picked up right from their dorms after finals and delivered to their next year’s dorms before the school year begins and it does not matter whether their residence will be on or off campus.

Students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to save themselves a spot.

Boxes will be distributed the week before finals on South Campus May 2 and 3, and on Main Campus May 4 and 6. Times are 4 to 8 p.m.

Students will pick up their boxes, tape and supplies, which will be picked up finals week by a professional moving company, stored in a climate-controlled environment and delivered to the student’s residence in the fall. Boxes, futons, closets and TVs can all be stored with the company.

Since this is their first year, the on-campus managers hope that about 300 customers sign up for the service. Schools such as NYU and Columbia, which have had Collegeboxes on their campuses for several years, serve about 700 customers per year.

“The best thing about it is that the school is completely behind us,” said Jim Smith, one of the student managers. “Residence Life has helped us in any way they can, and even mailed our flyers to every parent’s house. We just hope people sign up.”