Parking permit fees to increase

Jessica Mendoza

Villanova University’s Department of Public Safety recently announced an increase in the price of parking permits for the 2005-2006 school year.

Full-time student parking permit prices will be raised to $100 from the current price of $75 per year. Evening student parking permits will be raised to $50 from the current price of $40, and faculty permits will increase to $125 from the old price of $100.

Citing rising parking-related costs as the cause for the increased prices, the Department of Public Safety’s Parking and Transportation Office has raised the permit prices for the first time since 1992. Such costs include road materials, restriping and resurfacing of parking lots.

“We haven’t had a parking increase in over 13 years,” said Jeffery Horton, the director of Public Safety. “We even surveyed a bunch of competitors and we’re still at the low end of costs.”

Many students expressed their unhappiness with the rise in parking permit prices. Sophomore Jessica Cabato said, “To raise it up is just unfair, especially for those that need the car and have to pay for gas and insurance. I don’t know about the average Villanova student, but I can’t afford it.”

Still, some believe that the money could be used more efficiently. “There are no unsightly potholes or any sort of damage to the parking lot that I see,” junior Michelle DeJesus said. “If they’re charging us $25 more, at least provide more parking spots on West [campus].”

Junior Katie Gibson agreed. “Per year I think $100 is a little steep considering the parking on West campus is minimal and over half the people have to park about a mile away,” she said. “Main campus is also lacking because the spots are very narrow. Right now I’d be hesitant to pay that much for what we’re given.”