Pretty patterns, clever tees, beads and belts top fall fashion forecast

Theresa Kozul

With the change in season quickly approaching, so is the change in wardrobe for the fresh look of fall. Overall, clothes this season are very feminine – adorned with ruffles, trim, and floral prints – making the tone very romantic this fall season.

The latest clothes are taking a break from pastels and lighter colors. Instead dark colors are in, for a “more serious tone to engage the eye,” says InStyle magazine’s Hal Rubenstein. Purple, in shades of deep violet and eggplant, is particularly popular, making this royal shade the “color of the season.”

Many different fabrics are being introduced this fall. For example one will find many shoes, particularly stilettos, made of velvet. Also, brocade (a silky fabric which has a raised design on it, typically floral) has been named the fabric of fall. Skirts, blazers, and jackets are all being offered of brocade. Rich gold, olive green, or striking turquoise are just some of the bold colors this flowered material is appearing in on the racks.

Women’s tops this fall are taking some inspiration out of men’s closets, with the tuxedo shirt being all the rage. Feminine bows and ruffles dress up a man’s shirt for a great look with jeans or under a blazer. Whether sporting short, long, or three-quarter sleeves, Lucky magazine calls the tuxedo shirt “a fresh update of a classic in an array of shapes and colors.”

A more casual staple this fall, particularly for the college student, is the t-shirt. This fall tees with cute and clever catch phrases are a must-wear. Some shirts read, “Uganda ask me out?”, “Peas Out,” or “Have a Coke and a smile.” Check out stores like Fossil, Delia’s, and Urban Outfitters for a great selection of graphic tees.

Pants this fall have been cropped. For lounging in the dorm room, try the cotton-stretch gaucho pants which look and feel fabulous. Also, dress pants this season are going short too. Cropped pants can be found in great fabrics like tweed and wool – a new twist on the business look.

Accessories needed to complete any outfit this autumn are big beads and chunky belts. The big bead craze has carried over from the summer. Wear long, short, or multiple strands of beads around your neck to dress up any outfit. Also, belts are no longer restrained to the belt loops of pants. Best to wear a belt around the waist over a longer t-shirt, tank top, or the new tuxedo blouse. Just remember, the bigger the buckle the better.

Finally, the most important question – what shoes go with this outfit? This fall, boots are going western as some experts say cowboy boots are a necessity for your fall wardrobe. The best part is that cowboy boots can go with anything, under jeans, over jeans, or with a skirt. Also, the wedge heel is here for this season. It can be found on a great pair of ankle boots or pumps.

There are lots of great comfortable looks for this fall, which means you can look great and feel great too.