Reclinations from the couch

Santo Caruso

Whoever wins the AL East, wins the MVP, be it David Ortiz or Alex Rodriguez, and any argument that Ortiz is a DH and any less valuable is just stupid. If he switched to the NL he would start at first for every team except the Cubs and the Cardinals. If there was no DH, the Red Sox would start him at first. Not giving him the MVP would just be punishing him for the DH existing. And maybe it shouldn’t.

Jamal Lewis is KILLING my fantasy team, but week 4 is going to be terrible. I have Donovan McNabb at QB and KC is my back up defense for when Pittsburgh has its bye. You think I’d have looked this stuff up.

Two of the divisions supposed to be locked up from the start look wide open. The Patriots in the AFC East look extremely vulnerable considering they have just started their supposed “unfair” schedule. The NFC South, which was already given to the Falcons, is as unpredictable as the Saints. Any given week, those teams could beat or be beaten by any team.

First Flyers preseason game is on Saturday. As a busboy in the restaurant inside the stadium, I have no idea what to expect. Except no tips.

Is Barry Bonds kidding? Now he has to get down to 200lbs for his knees. Why do the steroid tests have to be random, can’t we just have a cup waiting at home plate after every homerun. You trot, than squat (well they aren’t girls but you get the point).

Told ya so about Carson Palmer.

I felt like everyone in baseball was waiting for the White Sox to collapse, and eventually they just bought into their own hype. I personally believed that they had the solid pitching and defensive fundamentals to do some October damage (admitting mistakes to make up for patting myself on the back about Carson Palmer).

The NASCAR driver who threw his helmet at the other car auctioned off the helmet, but EBay pulled the item when the bids reached like 5 million. If he got that much, how much do you think Drama from “Entourage” would get for the golf club from his assault on the Malibu guy’s Jeep?

Couldn’t the Indians just sign Wesley Snipes and Charlie Sheen. At least give me Bob Uecker in the booth, and I’m all the way on their bandwagon.

(So you know guys, in the movie…they win on a bunt by the catcher. Just throwing it out there)