‘Our Town’ on our campus

Anney Jang

Villanova Theatre has undertaken the task of bringing Thornton Wilder’s classic American play “Our Town” to our campus.

The three act play takes place in a small town in New Hampshire and it centers around the lives of its inhabitants, particularly on two neighboring families, the Gibbs and the Webbs. The audience, escorted by a charming stage manager, is taken on a voyeuristic tour into the lives and deaths of seemingly ordinary people of Grover’s Corner.

“Our Town” is certainly not for theatregoers looking for mindless entertainment. It is a thought provoking play that offers both dark and light moments. Although it starts off a little slow, the third act is worth the wait; the dead are portrayed eerily and when the play closes on a dramatic and moving note.

The most touching moments in the play are between George Gibbs, played by Nick Falco, and Emily Webb, played by Corinne May. The awkward courtship between the two teenagers is both funny and relatable. The stage manager, played by Paul Guerin, is charismatic and his pantomime of making invisible strawberry milkshakes is impressive. Just don’t be late taking your seats or he will call you on it.