Our suggestions for the selection committee

As the search for the next president of the University commences, the Villanovan would like to suggest several questions the committee should address to the candidates.

1. If selected, how will the nominee address diversity issues? Increasing diversity should be a top priority of the University’s if it hopes to maintain a lively and current student environment.

2. If selected, how will the nominee extend the Augustinian mission to future generations of the University community? As the core of the University’s mission, the Augustinian way of life must be implemented in tangible ways on the campus. Does the candidate have any innovative ideas on how to do this?

3. If selected, how will the nominee continue the trend of academic excellence that has earned the University top rankings under the guidance of Father Dobbin? How will the nominee strive to even improve academic performance? What specific areas of academics (a particular college, a particular building, technology within the colleges) does the candidate wish to focus on and why?

4. If selected, how will the nominee strive to keep University graduates competitive in an increasingly tough job market? What will set Villanova apart from other similar universities?

5. If selected, how will the nominee address University athletics, which represent an integral component of the unique spirit of the University? How will the nominee ensure the continuation of the athletic tradition that has helped to make the University nationally known? How will the nominee improve lesser-known sports on campus?

6. If selected, what does the nominee plan to do in terms of the University’s endowment? How does the nominee plan on increasing the annual endowment? What does the nominee intend to do with the endowment?

7. If selected, how does the nominee want to improve the quality and quantity of scholarships offered to incoming and current students?

8. If selected, what does the nominee plan to do to improve the facilities of the University, such as dormitories, classrooms, and student gyms?

9. If selected, how will the nominee reach out to the community that surrounds the University?

These questions are the ones that the Villanovan thinks are important to students on campus. They should be considered by the committee choosing the president as coming from the voices of the students – incidentally, those who comprise the majority of the University population and those most likely to be affected by the change in president.