Event provides students chance to meet SGA senators

Raynor Denitzio

On Oct. 25 the SGA hosted the first “Meet, Mingle and Munch” event. The event, run by the University Senate, offered students an opportunity to meet with the SGA senators and voice any questions, comments or concerns they had. Many students do not know what the SGA senate does and this event was a way to expose the student body to the senate’s mission.”This year we’re trying to get the senate more involved both in SGA and the University Public,” said Renna Antonio, C&F senator and president of the senate. “We’re trying to work with the faculty more this year as well as with the students to find out what the issues are on campus.” The format for the event was similar to a town hall meeting. There were boxes for students to put questions in for each of the different senators as well as time to meet and greet the senators. Later, the senators addressed the questions posed by the students. Finally, food was served and the senators and students got a chance to mingle.”The event was a way for the student senate to take away from the student body,” said Antonio. “We’re supposed to serve as a liaison between the students and the faculty.”The senate hopes that events like these will raise the awareness of the job and mission of the SGA senate. “We wanted to open this up to the student body,” said Antonio.This first event was more of a “get to know you event.” In the future, the SGA hopes to make these events a regular occurrence, providing students with a forum to address the senate and voice their concerns. Overall, the SGA viewed it as a success.”We learned some interesting issues from the students last night and we’re going to go from there,” said Antonio.