Wanted: Philadelphia quarterback

Andrew Whalen

If you are stuck watching the disasters that Eagles’ games have become on Fox Sundays this fall, you may be saying, “Dear Lord, where did we go wrong?” or, “Look at what ’em Cowboys’ done!” Anyways, like McNabb’s injury, the games don’t look to get any better.

The NFC Eastern conference teams are all above .500, and no team has given any inclination that they are about to drop off. The Redskins’ defense is the best in the league, and Lavar Arrington hasn’t even warmed up. Eli Manning, meanwhile, has staked his claim in the Meadowlands, and Philadelphians have one more reason to avoid Jersey.

So in true Philadelphia bandwagon-jumping form, but not before witnessing more than a few passes thrown in the dirt due to injury, I’d like to consider what the possibilities might be if McNabb were hobbled any further by his “sports hernia.”

Okay. Koy Detmer. Next. Mike McMahon is third on the depth chart and showed flashes of mobility, vision and strength in the pre-season. Unfortunately, he just had knee surgery. I hoped it wouldn’t come to this but back to the 49er killer Detmer. Or is it?

Last weekend, Brian Westbrook had his jersey retired at Villanova. The next day, after watching Andy Reid’s disproportionately pass-happy offense, many noted that Reid had retired Westbrook’s position. Ouch.

No Eagles or Villanova fan is happy when they don’t get to see one of the league’s premier backs in action. So before things get any worse for McNabb or the running back position, I propose a role-reversal. Westbrook for QB.

I’d base this decision on Westbrook’s performance in last year’s NFL Pro Bowl Dodge ball Challenge. Westbrook led the blue team to a decisive victory with amazing maneuverability and a lethally accurate arm. I haven’t seen either of these qualities in McNabb since the spearing in Atlanta.

Westbrook has already thrown for a 25-yard TD pass in the NFL. While this sets the percentage bar very high, even if Westbrook didn’t consistently connect on deep balls, he’d still be a threat to run those 25 yards. I can’t think of another player with potential like that at the quarterback position. I guess you could nominate Vick. Vick, however, is not an NFC Championship winner-yet.

But I suppose it’s crazy to think Andy Reid would ever change his offensive scheme and have Westbrook bootleg instead of throw. I wish he’d consider all his options though. After all, Michael Vick has been very successful. He’s fast and the average length of his completions is less than his average run. Don’t tell me Brian “The Ultimate Weapon” Westbrook can’t throw a five-yard pass.

If you think this scenario is just too absurd that Westbrook doesn’t have the necessary experience, I actually agree. This was really my backup plan in case the real plan fell through. I mean, Westbrook is just too good a running back not to use early, often and late. Are you listening, Eagles? That’s why they must enlist the help of a disgruntled Allen Iverson. TO already said he could play basketball, so don’t think AI won’t put the helmet on.

Iverson is undoubtedly the answer to the Eagles quarterback woes. A window of opportunity has opened and the Eagles need to move quickly. Who needs a Vick when you could have the real all-star quarterback from Newport News, Virginia?

As Allen says, “I was the best. They’ll tell you. There ain’t no secret to it. During the time I was playing QB, I was the one everybody was chasing.” Iverson thought it would be better to play basketball at Georgetown because their football team was Division III.

Now, however, the NBA has unwittingly drawn Iverson’s ire, what with “practice” and the dress code. It is common knowledge that McNabb practices little, so Iverson should be in the clear. And even though it’s the NFL, don’t expect any wardrobe malfunctions in his press conferences. Iverson can keep his ice out.

Meanwhile, as AI comes to terms with the game he left behind, McNabb can rest and repair, Westbrook can return stronger in the season’s second half, the NFL would have a new top selling jersey, and just maybe the Eagles would generate some excitement.