Club offers outlet for campus writers

Alison Krywucki

“So This Is College,” a compilation of student writing by participants of the Villanova Writers Club, recently went on sale. The book is available at the University Shop and includes work spanning from poetry to short stories pertaining to college life. “The goal of the book was to put some sort of literary publication out to the public from Villanova,” said Christian Carmona, 21, editor-in-chief of the Villanova Writers Club. “Countless universities have reputable magazines. We don’t. So it was step in the right direction.” “So This Is College” was published in April of this year. It aspires to expose the work of the club and to promote the creative work being done at the University. Karyn Hollis, director of the concentration in writing and rhetoric and the club’s sponsor, combed through submitted work from freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior writers, all of which had to be between 4,000 and 6,000 words and constitute an interpretation of college life. Carmona anticipates that the book will lead to additional club publications, and he encourages participants to try more daring literary media, including experimental fiction, one-act plays, or even excerpts from screenplays or humor pieces. The club hopes to publish a literary magazine by the winter, to be available not only to students but also to the general public. “We’d like to publish something new and crisp and breathing with some sort of life,” said Carmona. Carmona plans on developing more publications for the Villanova Writers Club. It is his hope to help make the University a name in literary circles.