Mars Volta release live LP

Justin Rodstrom

The Mars Volta has recently released a new live album, their third live record released over a span of three years. The band’s catalogue of live albums includes a demo called “Tremulant,” a live EP creatively entitled “Live EP” and the newly released “Scabdates” along with two studio albums, “De-loused in the Commatorium” and “Frances the Mute.”

The band has garnered much attention for their groundbreaking shows and has cemented their image as a live band. After listening to “Scabdates” the band qualifies their emphasis on live shows with an enthralling 60+ minute jam session working out material from their beginnings up through their latest album, “Frances the Mute.”

The Mars Volta has drawn attention from critics and fans for their unique blend of psychedelia, Latin roots, rock, “prog” and jazz into a chaotic experience for the listener, especially true of their live shows. The Mars Volta’s performances are quite inspired on these cuts from several live shows in support of their latest release.

As is evident in both studio releases, The Mars Volta is known for their experimentation and jamming, some songs surpassing half an hour. This aspect makes the music inaccessible to the many listeners, but well worth the effort.

The Mars Volta truly shines on this epic release, a testament to the creativity and talent of the band in this patch quilt of their repertoire.