Etiquette dinner a unique opportunity

Daniella Bellafiore

College is by far one of the most chaotic time periods of our lives, with various activities and class schedules that stretch students in opposite directions simultaneously. For this reason many students acquire the imperative skill of eating-on-the-run. Going on their fourth year of college life, many seniors have mastered this feat. Therefore, the idea of proper dining etiquette has become foreign to many imminent graduates.When students have the luxury to sit down with friends for lunch or dinner, they are more concerned with getting their money’s worth of food at the dining halls than upholding the rules of dining etiquette. Likewise, other students aren’t critical of their peers’ relaxed eating habits. After four years of enjoying the freedom to place our elbows on the table without condemnation, seniors most likely have lost the fundamental rules of dining that are necessary for such standard events as business luncheons. Now that Villanova seniors are pursuing future careers, they will find themselves in social settings with potential employers. Thus, it is important to sharpen their slackened table manners in order to be successful in making a good impression. While employers are not hiring based on a person’s expertise of which fork is intended for the first course, it is helpful to understand the standard code of conduct. This knowledge will increase one’s comfort level during professional and social interactions. The reduced anxiety will only assist in one’s success of making a good impression. Many employers may choose to also include a meal or several as part of the interview process, for the reason of observing an interviewee’s manners and conduct in a social setting. Many job functions potentially include crucial daily or weekly interaction outside of the office with clients or supervisors. Thus, the importance of having prior knowledge of appropriate protocol presentation increases significantly. Because VUSeniors is aware of the importance of proper etiquette for career reasons, this Student Life team invites all seniors to attend the event “How to Dine and Act Fine.” Back by popular demand, the Senior Etiquette Dinner will take place on Monday, Nov. 21 in the Connelly Center’s Villanova Room. From 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., seniors will enjoy a four-course meal while learning proper dining etiquette and protocol presentation. Students can purchase tickets for this event at 207B Dougherty Hall for $15 per senior. For more information about the Senior Etiquette Dinner or other VUSenior events, visit 214 Dougherty Hall or check out the website at