Christopher’s serves food with sociability

Daniel Davis


106 North Wayne Ave

Wayne, PA 19087

Christopher’s is Wayne’s answer to a little “neighborhood place.” It is the ideal friendly atmosphere where “everyone knows your name.” The bar scene is not quite “Cheers,” but the overall ambience accommodates even the world’s biggest social pariah.

Don’t let the shadowy exterior disguise the upbeat interior; Christopher’s environment contains social thirty-somethings either guffawing at the bar or giggling away in their booths. The moderately lit inside sets a mellow tone that is hardly noticed by those socializing, and its tight-knit seating encourages mingling amongst the tables.

On a bothersome note, beneath Christopher’s dining area, customers could not help but notice some sort of “downstairs construction” or perhaps “scientific experiment” that was too salient to disregard when seated. The vibrations on the floor shook my feet like a minor earthquake (2.3 on the Richter scale); I admittedly pondered whether it could be the most high-powered cell phone in the world or just a swarm of cell phones vibrating simultaneously.

The moderately priced menu at Christopher’s offers the comfortable familiarity of mom’s home-cooked meals. The common soups ($2 – $5), some zesty and intriguing salads ($6 – $18), several brick-oven pizzas (approx. $8), and a nice selection of pastas and meats (ranging from $12 – $20) fill out the menu.

While I was perusing, numerous dishes caught my eye, including the detailed mussels dish as well as a few chicken dishes, but in the end, the mesclun salad and osso bucco captured my heart. The mesclun consisted of marinated mushrooms, roasted peppers, artichokes, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette; I know, salivating, are you not? Osso bucco is a veal dish prepared with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side, a nice little combination of some home-style cooking.

The water fill-ups came at a rapid pace, and as a customer I could not complain about my host or waitress; their amicable mannerisms made me feel at home and tranquil in the surrounding environment.

My overall satisfaction was definitely met by Christopher’s. This is a nearby restaurant I would recommend to try out if you have not had the opportunity.