A place for everyone

Emily Krystof

“Hey Freshmen!”

“Hey what”

“Have you thought about it?”

“Thought about what?”

“Sophomore Housing!”

Whew! Now that Freshman Orientation is over – and the Bugaloo is not heard around every corner – making Villanova a permanent home is becoming more and more appealing.

As the end of first semester nears, freshmen may start to think about their housing options for next year.

As a Commerce & Finance student, would one want a room in the Quad to be closer to Bartley? Or would one want to live in Alumni for easy access to the IK?

As sophomores, main campus becomes home. The Quad is home to Sullivan and Sheehan Halls, while just on the other side of the Oreo, Corr, Alumni, Saint Rita and Austin Hall could be your future home.

With easy access to Bartley Hall, the Connelly Center and the surrounding buildings, the Quad is perfect place for the “out-and-about” type of person.

“Living in the Quad was a ton of fun,” says Robin, a junior, “but you definitely had to use Bartley if you wanted to study.”

Another perk of living in the Quad, come basketball season, is the closeness of the Pavilion. With a basketball season like this upcoming season promises to be, nothing but ‘Nova Nation pride will be found in the Quad.

Though the rooms and space in general may be small, the relationships with friends and roommates tend to grow and strengthen.

Lying on the other side of the Oreo are Corr, Alumni, Saint Rita and Austin Halls. With a more subdued reputation than the Quad, these halls, commonly known as CASA, still offer ample amounts of fun.

However, Corr, Austin, and Saint Rita’s Halls are all singles. This can be a welcome and completely different lifestyle from the year before when most students live in a double or even a triple.

Also, Alumni Hall is one of Villanova’s Learning Communities, which allow its residents to grow and learn more through their relationships with one another.

Several sophomores also live in Good Counsel, Fedigan, and Saint Mary’s Halls due to lack of space in the Quad and the other normal sophomore residence halls. So freshmen, keep your options open and hope for a great lottery number!