The wisecat answers your toughest questions

Robin Heim

Dear Wisecat,

My parent’s claim they met in the library, do you think true love can really be found with my nose in the books?


Falvey Research

Dear Falvey Research,

It’s possible to find a significant other anywhere on campus. I hear the hotspots just happen to be the first floor of Old Falvey Library, The Oreo (around 12:00 noon that is), and of course at any Holy Grounds location all over campus, a little coffee talk never hurt anyone.

When referring specifically to the library, you never know who might just pop up beside your cubicle to ask you a reference question.

Although I have not had much experience with finding a significant other at the library, I’m sure it is possible to start up a conversation while in line for a muffin inside the twenty-four hour study lounge.

You never know, your parents could have bonded over a computer outage and exchanged numbers, believe me, its quite possible.

Also, let us not forget that if you are going to the library with friends of the opposite sex that could also evolve into a committal type relationship.

So ease off being non committal with Old Falvey, find that person who likes the other half of the muffin, because you only eat the top, and study away in the close quarters of good Old Falvey Library.

Get on it!

-The Wisecat

Dear Wisecat,

Why are people still wearing shorts, gauchos, and flip flops? Am I just weatherly challenged or is this really happening?


Non gaucho-wearer

Dear Non gaucho-wearer,

Rest assured you’re not weatherly challenged. It’s been hard these past few weeks with the large range of temperatures.

Although once we hit mid October, I say pack the shorts away. The only way you could wear gauchos during the early winter months is if you would wear boots with them.

As for the flip flops, sometimes they do not go with the weather but just happen to be convenient and easy to wear when going to a party.

The way that I look at it is, if you feel comfortable and warm then go for whatever fashion you choose, just don’t make a fashion do into a fashion, what were you thinking?

See you on the runway that is Dougherty drive,

-The Wisecat