Tennis falls to ‘Terps

John Whalon

This season the Wildcats won their first two matches but have since dropped off, losing their last three. Maryland, on the other hand, has not lost a match and is looking to climb into the top-25 rankings sometime soon.

Over the weekend, the Villanova men’s tennis team had it tough as they squared off against the Maryland Terripans. The undefeated Terripans swept Villanova’s men’s tennis team 7-0, winning all sets except one. In the closest match of the day, Villanova’s sophomore Charlie Farmer, the No. 6 singles player, took Maryland’s Mike Coleman into three sets. Coleman swept the first set, 6-0. Then, Farmer snatched the second set 6-4, but fell 4-6 in the final set. Farmer won the Wildcats’ only set of the day.

The Wildcats have dropped to 2-3 now while the Terripans have improved their undefeated record to 5-0. The team will travel to Orlando, Fla. for four matches over spring break.

To prepare for these matches, Coach Bob Batman said, “In singles we need to improve our consistency as a team. In doubles we are working on playing Villanova Doubles’ by being aggressive and pro-active.” In addition, the team will be looking to gain experience in these spring break matches. The team has five first-year players and three second-year players.

Batman also said, “The team has worked very hard thus far and has a positive attitude about what they can accomplish this year.” In spite of the tough loss, the young team has high hopes for the future.