What’s love got to do with it, baby?

Valentine’s Day is the time for love, and while we do love and cherish our fine University, that doesn’t stop us from noticing it’s small imperfections that, over time, have grown to annoy us. As none of these are major enough to warrant an entire column, we submit a list of minor grievances. We’re giving you a chance to change, or else we’re leaving you, and taking the dog:

1) The laundry facilities. It’s bad enough that Mom isn’t around to do and fold laundry for you, but there are a myriad of other problems that accompany doing laundry on campus. For one, there are never any chip machines near the washers and dryers. How many times have you loaded a washer, put your card in and found out your balance is too low, requiring you to make a trek in search of some godforsaken cash-to-chip outpost? Would it be too much to ask that these machines are close to the laundry rooms or, at the very least, work? The chip machine in St. Mary’s has been broken for weeks now.

Compounding the laundry problem is the lack of working dryers. There are few worse feelings that pulling your laundry out of a dryer after an hour and finding them still wet, presenting you with the choice of either to shell out the extra money to try and dry them again, or accept moldy, mildew covered clothes. There is no need for laundry to be such a baffling ordeal.

2) Our second pet-peeve with Villanova is parking. Granted parking is an easy target, and ever student at every college feels slighted by the parking situation, but come on. For the cost of $50 a semester, is it too much to ask that you be able to park near your dorm? Why should professors be able to park in the St. Mary’s lot while students who live there are forced to park either a taxi ride away or face the possibility of a ticket or the dreaded boot? You wouldn’t ask someone not to park near their house, so why does the University make students park nowhere near where they live?

3) Our third pet-peeve is Second Storey. Now we all love the deli, but that’s exactly the point. It seems as though it’s never open. The deli is arguably one of the best dinning locations on campus. Is it too much to ask that it be open consistently? Often times the decision to go to Second Storey is like some sort of weird food Russian roulette. Will you get roast beef on a roll with mayo or nothing? Who knows?

As we said, most of these are minor annoyances, but with the stress of tests, job applications and extracurricular activities, they add up. We may be annoyed, but we still love you, Villanova. Let’s work this out.