Students prefer plain water over flavored variety

Lauren Curmi

The flavored water industry has certainly expanded over the past several years. The trend towards a healthier lifestyle has landed these products in the hands of many. Vitamin Water, Gatorade’s Propel flavored fitness water and Crystal Geyser carbonated flavored water are among the most popular. A health question stems from people’s use of these products in replacement of water.

Vitamin Water, with catchy names such as “perform lemon-lime,” “defense” and “endurance peach mango” appear to be beneficial to one’s health. However, each bottle contains 2.5 servings and is packed with sugar.

The “defense” beverage with 13 grams of sugar in one serving contains an overall sugar content of 32.5 grams and an identical carbohydrate count. While these products rave about their vitamin content such as vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B3 and potassium among others, they still contain a high sugar content.

Junior Catie Harrington does not believe that consumption of Vitamin Water should in any way replace one’s water consumption. Harrington prefers Gatorade after a hard workout to regain electrolytes.

Junior Pam Hlatky said, “I drink water because it is refreshing with out sugar and stuff. I do not buy what [these products claim] they do for you.”

Propel flavored water aims for a different group of consumers than Gatorade. The Propel beverage is marketed on its official site as assisting in hydration because, “As research shows, a lightly flavored beverage encourages people to drink more than they would of plain water.”

This drink also contains vitamins like the Vitamin Water beverages. However, this product contains only 10 calories per 8 ounces which is far less than its competing Vitamin Water beverage.

Crystal Geyser carbonated beverages hit yet a different market of people, as they are being advertised as a healthy alternative to soda.

With four of the five different types flavored by real fruit juices, this product does serve as an alternative to soda, emphasizing its carbonation and fruity flavoring.

Purchasers must be conscious of their choices. Vitamin Water, advertised as a healthy beverage, contains an excessive amount of sugar and should not be used as an alternative to daily water consumption.

Gatorade Propel flavored water is healthy to drink in addition to water or after workouts. It gives consumers a lower calorie and sugar option than regular Gatorade which is aimed more at athletes.

Crystal Geyser carbonated beverages are marketed as a good alternative to soda and are certainly a first step towards weaning oneself off a Pepsi addiction.