The Wisecat

Christina Lamsback

Dear Tina,

I just returned back from my big trip to Mexico. Apparently, Cabo is the new “hot spot” for spring breakers since Laguna Beach dubbed the saying, “What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.” Well, I am glad they gave instructions about how to keep secrets, but how am I supposed to return to reality (a.k.a. school life) when this weather feels like Cabo weather?

-Back to Reality

Dear Back to Reality,

Hang up your towels, put away your bathing suits and exchange the sun for sunless tanning lotion. Although you had a fabulous time in Cabo, which we all have probably heard about by now, it is evident that you are feeling some separation anxiety. For a quick fix until the real weather comes upon us, throw yourself a “summer party.” It never fails to be a good time. Gather up your friends and maybe even head for a day trip to the shore. It is the little things at this point that will help you stay afloat. When walking around campus maybe even turn on your mini iPod and listen to some of the steel drums that you downloaded on your excursion to get you in the right mood for class. The way that I look at it is: a little step away from school sometimes relaxes the body. By turning on your iPod, it takes you a step away from the intense schedule that you may have, and, that never hurt anyone!

Dear Tina,

I just came back from spring break and everyone has changed something about their appearance. Whether it be by cutting their hair, dying it or getting tanner, I need something! I was thinking growing some stubble. Are the ladies into that these days?

-Roughly Yours

Dear Roughly Yours,

It totally depends on the lady whom you are trying to impress. Sometimes a little stubble is not so hot for a particular man. It all depends on the face structure. Does the excess hair really help the contour of the male’s face? On a personal note, some ladies do not enjoy kissing a boy who is “rough around the edges.” In that case it could only “hurt” the situation. I mean you don’t want to be put off the market for making a fashion mistake! When in doubt, use your best judgment. A little stubble never hurt anyone. But that’s just a personal opinion.