Doublethink at Sigmapalooza

Ally Taylor

Doublethink (n): 1. believing two contradictory ideas at the same time; 2. rock band performing at Villanova. This Connecticut-based music group has earned a reputation for producing unique and original alternative rock music in addition to its mainstream counterparts.

Influenced by the Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, Coldplay and MUSE, among others, Doublethink’s members take their name to heart when they play.

“I think [Doublethink] applies really well to a rock band,” lead singer Scott Brown, 23, wrote in an online interview. “Every band wants to be famous, but they don’t want to sell out. Every band wants a million fans, but they don’t want fans who are just there because it’s the hip thing to do.”

Brown also emphasized Doublethink’s ability to write and perform different types of songs. They play high-energy songs, such as “Paroxysm,” juxtaposed with more mellow tunes like “Alonesong.” In some cases, as in their newest “Gotta Get Thru the Mud,” the level of energy oscillates within the song.

“I suppose I like playing the louder ones more and like listening to the softer ones more,” Brown wrote when asked which songs he preferred to play.

At this point, the band has a significant fan base in Connecticut and its surrounding states.

Doublethink also has its own street team and bragging rights for performances at famous venues across the Northeast, including the main stage of The Webster Theatre in Hartford, Conn. and CBGB’s in New York City. They enjoy air time on radio stations ranging from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania.

Doublethink has performed with different members since Brown was in high school, but has only existed with its current line-up since 2005. Doublethink now includes Scott Brown on vocals, Tyler Seely on guitar, Stef Tanguay on bass and Jeff Callahan on drums. Each band member adds an individual and innovative element to the music they perform together.

“I usually come to rehearsal with an idea, a chorus, a verse, a riff, whatever,” Brown said. “I show it to the group, and we all jam out on it and write the song together.”

Doublethink is coming to perform at Villanova as part of Sigma Nu’s Sigmapalooza. Sigma Nu is throwing this concert in order to raise money for its charity, the Prostate Cancer Coalition, which is dedicated to prostate cancer research. The concert will be held on Saturday in the Belle Aire Terrace, Connelly Center. Doors will open at 7 p.m with entertainment beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will be sold for $10 at the door. For more information and song clips from Doublethink, visit their website at, or check out their Myspace page at