Accessories add flair to any wardrobe

Tracy Ferra

The Trend: Nautical

The Look: Get on board with this season’s seafaring style by adding maritime touches to your wardrobe. The look is glamorous and carefree, as if you’ve just stepped off a yacht.

How to Wear It: Colors like crisp navy, bright white and classic red make this a perfect way to adapt the typical Villanova look. Channel the high seas with rope and espadrille sandals by BCBG or Michael Kors. Or make a splash with smaller accessories, such as a rope belt, Sebago’s flat boating shoes or a simple gold anchor charm necklace.

One Warning: It’s easy to go overboard with this look, so don’t wear too many ocean-inspired pieces at once.

The Trend: Natural Wonders

The Look: Neutral tones, earthy materials, mixed textures. Think brown and beige for clothes and wood for accessories.

How to Wear It: Go for bigger, more deconstructed bags in materials like leather or straw, paired with coordinating espadrille wedges. Neutral jewelry is the key to completing this look. At the beach, accessorize your bikini with a long tunic cover up, oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses and a floppy straw hat.

One Warning: With so many neutral shades, it’s easy to look dull and monochromatic. Be sure to add contrast in the form of black, a darker brown or an unexpected pop of color to your accessories.

The Trend: Black and White

The Look: The ultimate contrast, black and white is a no-fail combination that sharpens any outfit.

How to Wear It: According to InStyle magazine, mix black and white accessories with all black or all white clothes, but avoid “pairing them with graphic black-and-white garments.” Try structured white leather handbags, white beaded necklaces tied with black ribbon or black or white leather belts.

One Warning: White shoes not only get dirty easily, but they’re also difficult to wear without looking tacky. When in doubt, go black.

The Trend: Eclectic Ethnic

The Look: A vibrant mix of colors, styles and influences make this look a bold choice for spring.

How to Wear it: Your denim skirt and brightly colored polo can be accessorized with bold beaded pendants and chunky bracelets. Look for a variety of materials and stones, including turquoise, jasper, silver and wood. Bags have the most versatile look this season, with choices ranging from bold beaded hobos to fringed leather.

One Warning: it’s easy to get carried away with mixing influences, patterns and colors. While it’s fine to try a few different colors, make sure you’re still coordinated.