Layering is key to comfort during in-between months

Theresa Kozul

Although the spring season officially began on Monday and days are getting warmer, the winter chill still lingers in the air. With the in-between weather in the early days of spring comes difficulty in choosing a stylish outfit which fits unpredictable weather.

Bulky turtlenecks and wool cable knits are too much and t-shirts and tank tops aren’t enough for a brisk walk across campus. Instead, try some of the following fashion tips to look great and still be ready for any kind of weather.

The most important fashion tip is layering. Wearing layers keeps you warm on the chilly mornings and keeps you cool when it gets warmer in the afternoon. For ladies, try tank tops layered with a short/long-sleeved polo or a t-shirt under a light zip-up. For guys, try out the look worn by Adam Brody (who plays Seth Cohen on “The O.C.”), by wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt with a trendy t-shirt over it.

Another way for ladies to look great in the early spring is wearing capris. Capri pants give enough length to keep you warm but aren’t as restrictive as long pants. Also, ladies who are especially eager to break out their mini-skirts, try wearing leggings underneath. It helps to keep you warm but still screams style.

One exciting thing about the unpredictable weather of early spring is the array of jackets available. On rainy days, raincoats are great to keep you dry and also look cute.

Nordstrom offers a wide variety of ladies’ raincoats, particularly Michael Kors raincoats that come in an assortment of spring colors such as aqua and white.

Also, for the more frugal shopper, check out The Gap for printed and colored short trench coats. The Gap also has a nylon flight jacket in army green or white that is great for the rain with a more casual look; for men, the store also has a variety of waist coats in light blue, white or brown.

This season, the short cropped jacket is a great look for ladies. The cropped jacket is cropped at the natural waist and often has three-quater length sleeves, and it can be found in a variety of fabrics from brocade to light cottons. Cosmo’s fashion trends writes, “Think of it as a replacement for the ubiquitous denim jacket you’ve been using for years.”

With the variety of styles available this season, it is easy to look great and still be comfortable in any type of weather. Hit the stores and treat yourself to a great new jacket to top off your layered look this spring.