Fabulous hair in formidable weather

Kendal Kelly

Humidity can ruin even the most beautiful sunny days when all you can think about is getting out of the outdoor sauna and into a cold shower. But for many women, the steamy days of summer have another huge downside: they can really mess with your hair.

It can be incredibly frustrating to spend so much time on your hair, just to have it frizz up the very second you walk out the door.

To make sure your hair stays heathy and relatively frizz-free, incorporate some of these styling tips into your routine. I can guarantee that you’ll have frizz-free hair all day long (or at least for a couple of hours).

You can start fighting the bad effects of humidity in the shower by using products specifically designed to eliminate frizz. No matter which brand you choose to use, always look at the ingredients before you make your purchase.

Find products with silicones in them; these will help form a protective barrier around the hair cuticle to maintain smoothness and shine.

Try L’Oreal Vive Pro Smooth Intense Shampoo and Conditioner. This new line is great because it has duos specifically tailored for different hair types. No matter how fine or thick your hair may be, you should be able to find the product to suit your exact needs.

Once out of the shower, carefully towel-dry your hair to remove excess moisture. Do this by squeezing small sections of your hair with a towel; rubbing your towel all over can cause unnecessary damage. It is also wise to avoid brushing wet hair right away; opt for a wide tooth comb instead.

Next, work in a hair serum while hair is still damp and gently comb through; try Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Weightless Anti-Frizz Serum. If you regularly heat-style your hair, it is also a good idea to spray on a heat protecting product, like Tresemme Instant Heat Tamer Styling Spray or Paul Mitchell The Heat.

When blowing-dry your hair, take your time using a low speed to get about 80 percent of the moisture out before using a higher setting to style.

Most damage occurs when you rush styling; if you blast your hair with too much heat, the outer cuticle will dry out and crack before the inner cuticle even dries. If possible, alternate heat styling days, allowing your hair to air dry whenever possible.

When you finish blowing out your hair, you can run a flat iron through your hair a couple of times for added sleekness.

However, you must make sure that your hair is completely dry before straightening. Finish off with a light styling crème that will condition and protect your hair from the elements, such as Dove Smooth and Soft Anti-Frizz Cream.

If you’re too pressed for time to style your hair in the morning, you can still look put-together by using a headband or scarf. Just throw your ‘do up in a ponytail and add a headband.

You’ll look fabulous throughout the day, and you won’t have to worry about the time-consuming task of styling.