They say that all good things must end

Editorial Board

Turn out the lights, Mark Zuckerberg, the party is over. Maybe you should have completed that Harvard degree because when it comes to running a business, you could stand to learn a thing or two.

Over the past year and half, the Facebook has reached the height of its popularity. Now it%s on a downward slope. Not content to leave it as a semi-stalkerish way to keep tabs on people, Zukerberg rejected prosperity and instead decided to add such creepy features as a live newsfeed and the ability to post pictures.

What can occupy your life now that the bell has tolled for Facebook, which ruined more lives than Nintendo and alcohol combined?

Well, for one, you can rediscover the art of actually meeting people in real life instead of becoming their ifriend% via a superficial internet database. It turns out that there%s a lot more depth to people than can be included in a short paragraph. Of course, you also may find that some of the people you%re allegedly ifriends% with actually have nothing in common with you. This is also a valuable lesson to learn.

You could also take the time to read some of those books you list in your profile. I know it makes you sound really deep to say you%ve read Fitzgerald and Hemingway, but if you take the time to open up some of those books, you may find that that actually reading these novels is a lot more enlightening than saying you%ve read them.

There%s also the option of living your own life instead of existing vicariously though the updated pictures, jobs, profiles and summer break plans of the people in your social network. There%s a whole wide world out there that%s just waiting for you to experience it.

The Facebook was fun while it lasted. It was goofy, it was creepy and it was a source of mindless entertainment. We joked about wasting study time checking who had updated their profiles or searching for the perfect picture, but in the end, we%ve spent entirely too much time staring at a computer screen. So, now that the Facebook is essentially done, abandon your stalkerish tendenices for good and find more productive ways to occupy your time. This may be the best thing to ever happen to you.

And, if all else fails, there%s always MySpace.