CAT, ‘Rejects’ reps reach final agreement

Alessandro Roco

For weeks now, rumors have circulated over the details of the scheduled concert in Jake Nevin Fieldhouse on Oct. 17.

Some independent websites had reported as early as a few weeks ago that the All-American Rejects would be the headline band for the mid-October concert. But neither the All-American Rejects nor the Campus Activities Team music branch announced the concert performance because the contracts were not confirmed.

“Last fall the entire campus was buzzing about Gavin DeGraw, but DeGraw eventually chose to play a show in Europe,” said Brandy Jericho, assistant director of student development for media programs. “This is one reason why we try to keep the name of the artist we’re pursuing quiet.”

“Another reason we don’t release who we are pursuing is because the bands themselves sometimes don’t want that information released until contracts are executed,” she added. “Also, our releasing information before contracts are finalized could result in a breach of contract and the band not playing. It would be a terrible situation if a great show fell through because we breached contract and released the name of the act coming without their consent.”

However, late last Friday afternoon, Jericho confirmed the list of bands playing with the All-American Rejects as one of four bands to play. The other three are Damone, Ima Robot and Under the Influence of Giants.

Though contract negotiations are finally over, Jericho said that there were points last week when she felt the concert might be canceled. She expressed concern over the unconfirmed reports spreading because she feared that if the contracts fell through, CAT Music would be unfairly blamed.

Fortunately, University representatives, including Jericho, and All-American Rejects representatives came to an agreement last Thursday, leaving those involved very relieved.

“I was really relieved to know that their contracts were finally set in place,” Sarah Barnett, co-chair of CAT Music, said. “But, last Tuesday, at our first general CAT Music committee meeting, we told our new members that we weren’t able to announce the upcoming fall show as contracts were not official yet.

“The next morning, rumors were prevalent around campus, which definitely made me upset and worried that our committee would lose interest in volunteering with CAT Music,” she added.

The Tuesday night concert, hosted by Verizon Wireless, will begin at 9 p.m., with doors opening at 8 p.m., and is scheduled to end at midnight. Tickets will be sold for $10 to both students and non-students in 108 Dougherty.

The Subways were originally scheduled to be one of the bands for the concert. However, due to an unfortunate recurrence of polyps in lead singer Billy Lunn’s throat, The Subways were forced to drop out of the show.

Taking the place of The Subways is the heat-seeking L.A. buzz band, Under The Influence of Giants, whose single “Mama’s Room” is in regular rotation on MTV and MTV2.

The All-American Rejects were formed in 1999 in Stillwater, Okla., by Tyson Ritter, vocalist and bassist, and Nick Wheeler, guitarist and programmer. When they left their Stillwater homes to trek to New York City to record what would eventually be a platinum-selling record, they had no more than $1,000 between them.

“I felt like I was in a movie,” Ritter said in a press release. “Me and Nick drove to New York with all of our Christmas money. It was more than an adventure for kids from Stillwater.”

Damone has faced its ups and downs throughout its existence. From the guitarist and main songwriter quitting, to its previous label going through several mergers, to the band’s eventual lack of money, life has not been easy for this rock group.

But Dustin Hengst, drummer for the band, saw the overall experience as a positive one.

“In hindsight, it was beneficial for us to go through,” Hengst said in the band’s online biography. “It created a lot of motivation, but there were a lot of headaches. But it really brought us together.”

Things have since been looking up for Damone, who was picked up by Island Records.

The band has since created an album which it considers to “sound quite at home sandwiched in a ‘rock block’ of Guns and Roses, AC/DC and Queen,” according to its website.

As their name implies, Under the Influence of Giants produces music which it considers to be a combination of influences from big name artists, such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Hall & Oates, Earth, Wind and Fire and George Michael, to name a few.

“We were really lucky to have cool parents to point us in the right direction,” lead vocalist Aaron Bruno said in the band’s online biography.

Ima Robot was formed by two members of the more well-known band Beck. The band’s second album, “Monument of the Masses,” was released last Tuesday.