Staking out Villanova’s Sunday best

Theresa Kozul

Villanovans are notorious for their impeccable sense of fashion. Whether it is a party on the weekend, dining on the Main Line or classes throughout the week, Villanova students always look their best.

It comes as no surprise that Villanovans continue the trend of great style while attending weekly liturgy at Saint Thomas of Villanova Church. (Although this idea may offend some of the congregation, it is the truth.)

Typically, dressing up in one’s “Sunday best” for mass is out of respect for the sancity of the Church; however, often times younger generations attending church come as casually dressed as sweatpants and hoodies.

I personally find it refreshing to return to a congregation of Villanova students elegantly dressed in “business casual” attire after a summer break of masses at my local parish where the idea of dressing up for mass is quickly going out of style.

Male and female students alike can been seen on Sundays dressing their best for mass. Guys can be seen dressed up in khakis or nice jeans and collared shirts. Even the occasional jacket and tie can be seen on the altar on the liturgical ministers. Also, ladies in the congregation or on the altar can be seen wearing dress pants, skirts and even the occasional dress to church.

Some students go for a more casual look of jeans and a t-shirt, or sweater once the cold weather rolls around, but typically students always look like they put time and thought into what they were wearing and didn’t just roll out of bed.

Although most students do get quite dressed up for mass, this is, after all, a college campus. Not all students find it nessesary to dress up all the time. Villanova students also commonly spend long days (and nights) studying in the library. Students may come straight to mass from the library or group meetings. Sweatpants and other more comfortable clothes fit for hours of cramming are therefore acceptable and also seen frequently.

And while fashion often calls for the latest trend in footwear, it is hard to get Villanovans to take their feet out of their Rainbow flip-flops, which are probably the most commonly worn shoe on campus. Chances are you’ll see numerous pairs shuffling up the aisle during the Eucharistic distribution.

While there are some students who don’t arrive to church fashionably dressed, it is generally expected that the average Villanova church goer will dress well for the Sunday liturgy.