The 14th man

Ross Condon

Welcome to the first ever edition of the “14th Man.” Throughout the season, I will be updating you on some of the things you may not know about our team, the things that aren’t always reported and the things that happen on “the other end of the bench.”

For all of you who do not know me, my name is Ross Condon. You’re probably more familiar with my roommates Curtis Sumpter, Mike Nardi and Will “Bump” Sheridan (I advise you to pick up their poster at the bookstore; it’s only $10. Or, you may want to wait and save your money to purchase my solo picture coming out next month … but don’t hold your breath). Anyway, I am the “other” senior and the lone walk-on who is a part of this year’s squad.

Well, I hope everyone made it out to the Pavilion for Hoops Mania the other night. It is always a great feeling for our team, knowing that the long seven-month off-season is over and that games will be starting soon. And for those of you who didn’t make an appearance, G-Unit, Tony and 50 send their best regards.

The night was a good educational experience for me as well.

It reminded me that this is definitely a new year. For my first three years I have been accustomed to walking in the locker room and receiving the always-warm welcomes from A-Ray, Baker, Chris, Jason, Mikey, Randy and Kyle.

Now, I walk in to see all new faces ready to carry on the tradition that has been rebuilt here by Coach Wright.

So hang in there with me as I take you through this season from a different point of view and hopefully show you a side of your team that is unknown to most Villanovans.

Who knows, if I do a good enough job, maybe the bookstore will start stocking No. 4 jerseys.