Derby Days raises over $6,000 for cancer research

Max Stendahl

The first annual Derby Days events, which took place late last month at various locations around campus, was a success, according to Ryan Bendinelli, campus publicity chair for Sigma Chi fraternity.

The competition, sponsored by the brothers of Sigma Chi and accomplished with the help of many in the Villanova community, reaped both material and intangible benefits, according to Bendinelli.

Derby Days benefited the Huntsman Cancer Institute, an international leader in cancer research. The end result: Sigma Chi’s goal of $6,000 for the week-long event was exceeded.

“We want to thank the entire Villanova community,” Bendinelli said. “The faculty, staff, and students, as well as all the local merchants and donators – we give them our utmost respect.”

Events included Pie-a-Sig, where Sigma Chi brothers allowed donators to throw pies at their faces. Other events were a shirt-signing competition among members of sororities and Penny Wars, located at the Oreo.

“The week was obviously a huge success in raising money for cancer research, but it also demonstrated how cancer is something that each and every one of us must battle together,” Bendinelli said.

The fierce competitions among students to win were overshadowed by a shared desire to make a difference, according to Andrew Grous, philanthropy chairman for Sigma Chi.

“It was not something divisive, but included everyone, and we hope that it built a sense of unity between the Greek organizations on campus,” Bendinelli said. “Derby Days exemplified the spirit of Villanova: when we all come together we can really accomplish a lot.”

Sigma Chi organizers are already planning to stage Derby Days again next year.