University prepares for Special Olympics

Matthew Minnella

With the Special Olympics Fall Festival fast approaching, student volunteers and Villanova staff members are working tirelessly to prepare for the exciting weekend.

The Fall Festival will begin tomorrow and last through Sunday, but for members of the Special Olympics Committee, the process of coordinating the weekend began months ago.

As early as last spring, the committee began recruiting new members to fill vital roles in planning and coordinating this massive event.

This year members have been seeking out volunteers from the student body who will assist in facilitating the competition in areas ranging from registering athletes to volunteers who will follow a specific team and cheer them on for the weekend.

In the weeks prior to the Fall Festival, committee chairs have been working to organize their committees and prepare their volunteers for their tasks for the weekend.

Committee members have been working every day this week from 7:30 p.m. until 12 a.m. finalizing last-minutes details, such as hotel reservations for the athletes and availability of venues for the actual competitions.

During the weekend, committee members will be meeting at 5 a.m. every morning to prepare for the day.

Some of the final details to address are receiving deliveries of equipment and other necessary items for the games, decorating the campus, painting signs that will direct athletes and visitors this weekend and getting equipment from storage.

According to Danica Feustel, the festival director, planning has gone smoothly so far, as there are no weather concerns that could dampen the weekend.

One challenge that did present itself was the construction around campus, but through the cooperation of Facilities and advanced planning, no major problems are anticipated.

Faculty advisor Christine Quisenberry commented on the success of the event due to the students being able to organize the event and keep each other motivated.

“The students always amaze me with the amount of time and energy they put into the weekend,” Quisenberry said.

Friday’s Opening Ceremonies will mark the official kickoff at 7:30 p.m.

The athletes will begin to arrive earlier in the day to register, and some preliminary events will be held.