Winter style opinion from home and abroad

Nicole J. Smith

So, there are a few things that I definitely will have to get used to here at Villanova University. The first is the crazy number of beautiful people – everyone is gorgeous. The second is not having my car (my baby) to go places, which means public transportation – I don’t want to go there. The third thing and probably the largest is the cold.

Sixty degrees may seem like a gorgeous day to most of you, but to me it might as well be snowing. Where I come from, it never gets below seventy, and that is on stormy and dreary days, which are far and few between. Yep, you guessed it; I’m the girl from the Virgin Islands. There are no seasons in the Caribbean, unless you count hurricane season, so you can imagine my surprise as the leaves changed colors. What really shocked me, though, was the fact that people still wear shorts, skirts and flip-flops during winter. Aren’t you people cold?

If you’re curious to know who I am, I’m the girl piled under thousands of layers and waddling to class with my hands stuffed deep in my pockets. I am also, however, the girl who will be experimenting with winter clothing for the first time. I will be trying out different must-have items to figure out if the most fashionable is also the most practical.

The girls in my hall have been pretty helpful in recommending some of their favorite winter items. One of my roommates is actually a firefighter and swears by Under Armor (I have yet to find out what that is). My other roommate, however, recommends a hot guy, which I also plan to investigate. Other girls I have spoken to swear by their Ugg boots, which seem to have some serious merit since I’ve seen them all over campus. Layering, which I’ve never done before, also seems to be a sure-fire way to keep warm this winter season. Skinny jeans to wear with boots, fur-trimmed jackets with hoods and fashionable hats, gloves and scarves also seem pretty high on the list of necessities. NorthFace fleeces (what’s a fleece?) are the most highly recommended from the girls in my hall. Needless to say, I have no idea what I’m going to do when it gets colder – it doesn’t even seem like a possibility to me. But I’m pretty sure that by observing and asking other people, I’ll learn ways to keep myself warm this winter. Please don’t be shocked if I come up to you and start asking you about your clothes, and don’t make fun of the girl waddling to class under massive layers of clothing, because more likely than not, it’s me.