Big and Cheesy enjoys successful two-week run

Lee Betancourt

Big and Cheesy, the late-night dining option temporarily offered in the Corner Grille by students in the entrepreneurship minor, earned a profit of approximately $1,300 in its six nights of operation.

“[The results] really proved that the concept worked,” Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Clark said. “We wanted to see if people wanted [it] to stay on campus, which it seems they do.”

The business’ location in the center of campus meant convenience for customers; over $800 was made in a single night.

“Our worst night was Thursday, Nov. 16, when sales barely broke $400 for the night,” the business’ Chief Financial Officer Sean Milligan said. “It was a rainy day and was just miserable out.”

Both Milligan and Clark said they were surprised with the number of repeat customers.

“Every night we had students asking us to keep Big and Cheesy open throughout the year,” Milligan said. “We even got promises to return every weekend or to bring back all of their friends.”

The profits will be donated to charity, though the students have not yet picked one. Total revenue was just over $4,000, but they must pay back a $2,600 loan from the entrepreneurship teachers. This money was used to buy ingredients for the sandwiches from Dining Services.

Although the students purchased numerous ingredients, including fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and ham, plain grilled cheese sandwiches were still the most popular, with many customers adding bacon, Milligan said.

One of the most memorable moments was “when a whole bunch of kids from one of the formals came in,” Marketing Associate Matt Trombley said. “We had music blasting, and they were dancing on the tables.”

Although students voiced their opinions to have Big and Cheesy continue, the two-week project is over for the entrepreneurship students.

However, the business was also “acting as a test market for Dining Services,” meaning that Villanova students may continue to have more late night dining options in the future, Trombley said.