New late night dining option hits campus today

Lee Betancourt

This weekend, students looking for a break from the world of takeout monotony will find a release for their late night cravings right here on campus.

Operating out of the Corner Grille in Dougherty Hall, seven students in the Villanova Entrepreneurship minor will run Big and Cheesy, which will serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. The program will run today, tomorrow and Saturday, as well as Nov. 16-18 from 10 p.m.-2:30 a.m.

“The food will be hot and good quality, with quality ingredients and cheeses,” said junior Brandon Miniman, one students running Big and Cheesy.

The menu will include sandwiches ranging from the basic grilled cheese to the “Big Meat” (grilled cheese with bacon, pepperoni and ham) or the “Pizza Grill” (tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella).

Big and Cheesy is part of the entrepreneurship class, which consists of four team-oriented groups.

The purpose of the class is to give students experience in creating a business, Miniman said.

The 30 students in the class each thought of a business idea, and the 30 ideas were narrowed down to 15 and then to four.

Of the 30 ideas, “a lot were good, some were great,” Miniman said. The other businesses, including the sale of the Wild Towel, have been underway for a few weeks. Big and Cheesy is the last to start up and will likely only last for the two weekends.

“If it’s tremendously, ragingly successful, then there is the potential to continue it,” Miniman said.

The convenience aspect of Big and Cheesy is what Miniman said sets it apart from other late-night food operations like Campus Corner and Winger’s.

“The problem with those options is the wait, usually around 45 minutes, especially on a busy night,” Miniman said. “Also, then you have to pay a delivery fee and tip, and most college kids are poor.”

The prices at Big and Cheesy range from $3-$5.50 with an option to add nachos and a drink for another $2.

The students took prices at businesses like Campus Corner into consideration and factored in the convenience. Still, Miniman said, there are no delivery fees or tips, and students can pay with their Wildcards.

The business will run independently from the University but with a licensed Dining Services employee present to help with food handling.

The students purchased the sandwich ingredients from Dining Services with part of the $2,600 allotted to the group by the entrepreneurship professors. The class received $10,000 to divide among the four groups.

“Based on our need and our pitch, the professors decided how much to give each group,” Miniman said.

The $2,600 Big and Cheesy received is a loan, and all profits made from the operation will be given to charity, Miniman said.

In addition to the sandwiches this weekend, Big and Cheesy will offer prizes for members of their Facebook group, “Big and Cheesy.” Miniman said that this and the central campus location should attract customers.

“When you come back at two in the morning, you’re hungry, and you don’t just want a bowl of cheerios or a banana,” Miniman said. “You want something filling, like comfort food … This is an opportunity for something late at night and hot. It’s good quality foods at decent prices.”