Students prepare to deck their halls

Theresa Kozul

Upon returning to campus after Thanksgiving break, there are two things on every student’s mind: the dread of approaching finals and the anticipation of Christmas break.

To help you pass the time and spread some holiday cheer, here are some ideas for decorations to bring back after Thanksgiving break.

First, what every room or apartment needs for making spirits bright is a Christmas tree. You can purchase artificial trees of every size at Target.

A 3-foot tree, the perfect size for a room on South or in the Quad, costs $10. For West Campus apartments or off-campus housing, Target also carries 4.5- and 6.5-foot trees for $40.

Ask your parents for some Christmas tree decorations that won’t be making the cut for the family tree, or stop at the bookstore in Kennedy Hall for a Villanova ball ornament. Also, for ladies involved in Greek Life, the bookstore carries ornaments decorated with letters.

Another festive idea is to buy some stockings and puffy paint. When you get back to school, decorate the stockings with your roommate, and write your names on them. Then, you and your roommate can hang stockings up in your room. Your can also hang a wreath outside your door to spread some holiday cheer throughout the residence hall.

Other fun decorations include window decals of your favorite Christmas characters, garland, figurines to put on your desk and holiday stuffed animals for your bed.

On West Campus, juniors can purchase decorative towels for the kitchen and bathroom.

Some of the best Christmas decorations of all are the Christmas cards families and friends send you from home.

No matter what decorations you pick to bring back with you, make sure your room is festive for the holiday to keep your spirits bright while schoolwork and activities on campus are keeping you busy.