You can’t make everyone happy

A lot of criticism has been lobbed the way of SGA for the camp-out idea. While there may be some flaws with the system, overall we applaud SGA for, at the very least, trying to think of something different that will make an already special team even more special.

The sense of community during last year’s run of our men’s basketball team was unparalleled for its duration by any other time at the University. The campus unites on speicial occasions, such as Homecoming, Special Olympics or NovaFest, but for three months our student body’s solidarity was unprecedented.

In an effort to tap into it and create something special, SGA proposed a camp-out. Naturally, this idea was met with scorn by much of the student body.

Last year, everyone had a complaint about the weighted lottery system. Either it was biased or did not reward seniors enough or was too confusing. Now this year all anyone says is that they’d like it back.

So, when SGA had a weighted lottery system that rewarded students who won tickets to games and then attended those games, everyone complained. This year SGA scraped that system (mostly by necessity), instituted a random lottery and added a camp-out, and everyone still complains.

The SGA stays the way they were, and people are unhappy. They attempt to revamp the basketball distribution system in a way that will reward fans willing to brave the elements in a camp-out and again are met with the same reaction from fans.

We sympathize with SGA. This University is full of people who would rather sit on the sidelines and lob complaints to those in charge than actually do anything to rectify the situations they find so intolerable.

Unhappy with the basketball lottery? Run for SGA. Don’t like the way something you wrote was edited in the paper? Come down to Dougherty 201 and start copy editing.

It is much easier to stand on the sidelines, and that’s why people do it. If more Villanovans were willing to step into the ring, they would find that it is not nearly as easy to be in the game. Teddy Roosevelt, in his famous quote, says “It’s not the critic who counts.” Rather than be a University full of people who sees the way things are and asks why aren’t they different, why not become a University of students who refuses to accept the status quo and goes about turning goals into reality?