‘If it not success, I will be execute’

Paul Martucci

“My name is Borat. I journalist for Kazakhstan. My government send me to U.S. and A to make a movie film. Please, you look.”

With these simple words, the premise for what is shaping up to be the year’s funniest films is set. Sacha Baron Cohen, a British comedian who created the role of Borat on the Ali G Show, is now finding unprecedented fame.

Cohen devised a hypothetical character and named him Borat. To complete his skit, he began by having a woman call an organization claiming that a reporter from Kazakhstan was creating a documentary in the United States comparing the two countries.

After a date was arranged, the organization would then meet with Borat. The interview would begin with standard questions, but as the interview progressed Borat would transition into ridiculous and usually discriminatory comments.

As the hype for the new film surges in the days before the movie release, YouTube is flooding with clips of deleted scenes from the movie. An example of Borat’s offensive nature is evidenced when he discussed getting a job.

“Kazaki people have many job opportunities here in U.S. and A,” Borat said. “For a man, construction worker, taxi driver or accountant. For woman, prostitute.”

Between sexist opinions and racist beliefs, Borat humors viewers by infuriating common people completely unaware of the deception at hand. While some interviewees grow suspicious of the act, the average victim is left speechless from the interview.

One women’s rights activist, for example, walked out on a Borat interview after he repeatedly suggested that a woman’s role in life is to support their husband. His fabricated ignorance creates cinematography that leaves stomachs in stitches after laughing.

The movie will be released in movie theaters on Friday. Although movie goers will find some scenes familiar because of internet clips and trailers, nobody can know exactly what to expect from Borat’s ridiculous antics.

Yet, with lines such as, “In U.S. and A, if you want to marry a girl, you cannot just go to her father’s house and swap her for 15 gallons of insecticide,” Borat will undoubtedly create side-splitting laughs.