Sophomores hope Wildpants will encourage pride

Alma Aliaj

It’s no secret that Villanova students are full of school spirit. One piece of evidence is the sheer amount of Villanova apparel that the average student owns. From Villanova flip-flops to the classic navy and gray sweatshirt to the newly introduced Villanova winter flap hat, students love anything that gives us a chance to show off our blue and white pride. It is precisely this sentiment that inspired Joseph Mancari, a sophomore business major, to ask, “Why not Wildpants?”

Mancari first got the idea when he looked in his own closet and saw a pair of red and black patterned pajama pants and realized that the Villanova apparel market was lacking in the pants category.

“I was just thinking about it, and I realized that students here could really use a pair of fun, comfortable, ‘Nova-pride pants,” Mancari said.

Together with Edward Bertellotti, Michael Busby and Joseph Negri, Mancari decided to pitch the idea of Wildpants to the Villanova student body. He conducted a massive online survey, to which approximately 1,100 students responded.

“The survey feedback has been very encouraging,” Mancari said.

The survey revealed that 72 percent of the students would wear the pants if they were available. This support was all Mancari and his friends and business partners needed to move forward with their vision. With the help of management professor James Klingler and the Office of Student Development, Mancari has been working with Everlast Goods and Apparel to work out a deal. According to the survey, students preferred the camouflage pattern over the tiger stripes, and with the help of the designers at Everlast, Mancari hopes to debut the Wildpants on campus soon. Furthermore, he hopes to design a pink and white pattern for Villanova girls.

To counter much of the overpriced merchandise sold in the University Shop, Mancari aims to price the pants at $20.

The pants will most likely be sold online and by the Oreo. By selling the pants directly and not going through the University Shop, Mancari hopes to keep the pants affordable and accessible to the students.

Mancari hopes to resolve the final details regarding the production of the Wildpants over winter break, and if all goes according to plan, students will be introduced to the Wildpants in February. Mancari hopes that the price and versatility of the pants will encourage all Villanova students to purchase them. Students can use the Wildpants as pajamas, lounge pants or simply another article of clothing to show their Wildcat pride.

“They’ll be cotton, so they’ll be warm and comfortable, but they’ll also be fashionable, and we would encourage students to wear them around campus and to sporting events,” Mancari said.