BREAKING NEWS: Manhunt called off

Villanovan Editor

At 10:20 a.m., Radnor officials called off the eight-hour long manhunt for a man who allegedly fired multiple gunshots at police officers. A Radnor official spoke to the media and said that while the manhunt has been called off and the situation for now is “all clear,” Radnor’s investigation into this morning’s shooting has only begun.

Officials also told the media that the suspect was armed with an automatic weapon.

Dozens of officers had been patrolling the area since the 4 a.m. shooting but to no avail.

Though the manhunt is officially over, there is currently elevated security on South Campus, especially Good Counsel Hall, the residence hall closest to the crime scene.

The suspect was described by officials as a 5-foot-11 inch male with a stocky build, a blue sweatshirt, a tan knit cap and a light-colored knapsack.