Making music with Nothing But Treble

Hannah Misner

For the next six issues, there will be coverage of the six a cappella groups on campus. Nothing But Treble, Vocal Minority, The Supernovas, The Spires, The Sirens and The Villanova Haveners will all perform at Acappellapalooza on March 16 in the Villanova Room of Connelly Center. The six individual spotlights will culminate with details and coverage of the large-scale a cappella show itself. Each group has its own personality, sound and stage presence, yet all share a love for music that will make Acappellapalooza a one-of-a-kind showcase.

The 16 girls of Nothing But Treble are a bubbly ensemble, all of them full of smiles as they arrive for practice.

Neave Denny, one of the eight founding members of NBT, recounts the unique story of the group’s formation with a wide smile and periodic laughter.

“It started just for fun,” she said. “We practiced in Alumni and warmed up in the bathroom.”

“It started as a joke,” the group’s manager, Cait Martin, added. “Then someone set up a gig for us, and we had to officially form the group to be able to do it.”

Nothing But Treble is a new group on campus, only two years old, and its membership has climbed from nine to 16 under the direction of music director Monika Schule. The singers take pride in their diverse and contemporary song sets, ranging from Britney Spears to ’80s music.

Member Ellen Carson explained how NBT achieves its distinctive sound.

“We make instrumental sounds as opposed to focusing on alto and soprano assignments,” she said. “We just try to match people’s voices to a particular part, and it gives us a very full sound.”

For Acappellapalooza, NBT will perform a teenie-bopper medley including “Goodbye to You” by Michelle Branch. Martin said the group even has some interpretive dance moves. All the girls were extremely enthusiastic about their group.

“We are all very involved in music activities on campus,” Denny added. Many of them are members of Villanova Student Musical Theater. The girls promise a fun, entertaining and enthusiastic performance. It will certainly be fun to watch because the girls really enjoy what they are doing; after all, they are the ones who created it.