‘Nova Gossip

Tina Lamsback

Warning: Dearest Villanova, I am writing to you from my bed. After having mono for the past couple weeks, I have sat here bored. Thus, I have now named my bed Seymour and annoyed my roommate (Nicole Mainardi – praise her when you walk past her) to the nth degree, resorting to my best friend, the cell phone, in order to catch up on my gossip. Hope all is well with the nation. Keep causing oodles of trouble. Stay fabulous! And keep it on the TL. XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal!

Studying “a broad”?

Ireland – Galway to be exact – what a wonderful place to study abroad. Although not typically considered the city of love, one Villanova student has changed that reputation very quickly. My contacts overseas have recently notified me that a certain sophomore is causing “love waves” with a certain ‘Nova Cutie. However, this “NC” is currently attached. Hello! She has a boyfriend! One night, when our Casanova was slightly – well okay, more than slightly intoxicated – he tried to hook up with her … fully aware of her situation. Quickly, the “NC” left the location in order to remain faithful. Later on that night, Casanova reportedly sent 23 – yup count them! – 23 text messages begging the “NC” to come to his apartment to hang out. I mean, all I have to say is the stereotype holds true: “Don’t boys always want what they can’t have?” Hang in there “NC”!

Everything butt her face

So, I keep forgetting to tell you, Villanova, what I saw! I was sitting in the library a couple weeks ago. As I placed myself on the first floor, talking to an old friend about the crazy weekend that had just passed, I was naturally people-watching. People-watching is def. one of my fav. things to do. Anyway – side note – if you ever want to people-watch, go to the library. People are hilarious there. You think everyone is studying with their head in the books. That assumption deserves one big “false”! FYI, they’re watching you. Even on the fourth floor … believe me: it’s true. Anyway, back to the point – I always come full circle on my tangents. So, picture this – I’m sitting in the libs with my friend, and all of a sudden, a girl walks by us – in a skirt. She looked very put-together. However, the skirt was a little too short. I quickly pointed her out, wondering why she would be wearing a short skirt in such an odd month, but maybe it was a fashion statement that I was unaware of at the moment. Well, it clearly was! The girl turned around and all we saw was her butt! Her skirt was tucked into her underwear! So embarrassing! Tip of the day: check your apparel before you leave the bathroom for fear of wind in unexpected places!

Short Shorts

• Sound the alarm! Rumor has it, that there was a fire truck on South Campus last Saturday. It was spotted right in front of the leadership dorm aka St. Monica Hall. Apparently, a trash can was on fire. Leaders of ‘Nova? Clearly, they were leading this event!• SAE has a mouse? Yea – a pet mouse to be exact, complained an avid party-goer. It’s located in the Courts, so next time you party there, take the mouse for a little stroll. Love it! Very creative boys. Party on!• Apparently, a boy and a girl were in a lovers spat over the weekend and made detailed lists of why they do not enjoy each other’s company. Hmm … now that is how I would solve my problems, too. Not! • Mono – Villanova hates you … so go away!