Weekend dumpster fires prompt investigation

Lee Betancourt

Early Sunday morning, two dumpsters were set on fire. Due to the time of night the fires occurred, the incident was likely deliberate, Director of Public Safety Jeffery Horton said.

The dumpsters were located in the area between St. Monica and Stanford halls, next to the Stanford Mechanical Department.

The first fire was set at approximately 12:10 a.m., and the Bryn Mawr Fire Department was called in to extinguish it.

At 1:18 a.m., a second fire was set. However, it was not serious enough to call in the fire department a second time.

“We took care of it with our extinguisher,” Horton said.

There was no need to evacuate either Stanford or St. Monica, although Public Safety would not have hesitated to do so had it been necessary, Horton said.

There have been similar, isolated incidents of dumpster fires at Villanova, Horton said.

However, dumpster fires normally occur around the end of the year when Facilities increases the number of dumpsters to accomodate the students’ end of the year trash.

At that time, Public Safety actively patrols dumpster areas to prevent any incidents such as the ones that occurred this past weekend.

Although an investigation is underway for the weekend’s incident, there are no current suspects.

Horton said that investigations such as these are rarely successful.

“Unless you catch someone doing this or someone comes forward and reports someone, there’s not a whole lot to go on,” he said.