A week at war

Meredith Davisson

Operation Enduring Freedom: the name for the U.S. military’s efforts in Afghanistan

-Conflict in Afghanistan is NATO-approved; war in Iraq is not.

Ban Ki-moon: South Korean UN secretary general who replaced Kofi Anan

The rising threat of Iran: deals with the country’s thousands of uranium plants and stores of enriched uranium, which Iran says it is using for nuclear energy.

Day of Ashura: Islamic holy day, specifically for Shiites who commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a holy figure only in Shi’a Islam) on this day. It is a day of intense mourning and grief for Shiites and includes aceremonial beating of the chests for men and sometimes body cutting.

Recent pollsAccording to a CBS News poll conducted Jan. 18-21(Margin of error +/- 3 percent)

Should the United States Send 20,000+ more troops to Iraq?Yes 29% No 66%

What if more troops increased the United States’ chances for success?Yes 53%No 38%

Do you have a clear idea of what the United States is fighting for?Yes 61%No 38%

Bush’s most recent approval rating: 28 percent(according to cbs.com and Gallup polls)

Locations of troops in the multinational force:Central Southern Iraq: Polish ArmySoutheastern Iraq: British ArmyWestern Iraq: American Marine Corps Multinational Division Baghdad: city of Baghdad, comprised of several countries, led by American 1st Cavalry Division (Army Aviation)

As of Jan. 30, 20073,075 American troops have been killed in Iraq 23,279 American troops have been wounded in action