Valentine’s Day movies for couples

Kendal Kelly

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and whether you embrace this Hallmark holiday with open arms or wish you could skip right over to Feb. 15, you have to admit an entire day completely committed to the idea of love is pretty darn awesome. So if you need some cinematic help to put you in the mood or even a good date movie; I’ve assembled a list of some great movies all about love.

“Harold and Maude” – You have to take this movie with a grain of salt. Adapted from the French novel “Harold et Maude,” it follows a suicidal young man who forms an unlikely friendship with a woman on the eve of her 80th birthday. After spending time with the vivacious woman, Harold finds her passion for life contagious and ends up falling in love. Now once you get past the teensy problem of the 60-year age difference, this movie is a shining example of how you can find love in the most unusual of places. This is personally one of my favorite movies, though it is definitely not for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a quirky movie with a great soundtrack (all classic Cat Stevens tracks), this is a great pick.

“When Harry Met Sally” – Most likely you’ve already seen this movie, but watch it again; it truly gets better with each successive viewing. It’s an instant classic, with great one-liners and an endearing story line. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, “When Harry Met Sally” spans over two decades, following the progression of love between the sarcastic Harry Burns and the obsessive-compulsive Sally Albright. Their relationship is the perfect example of opposites attracting, and their interaction is adorable without delving into the realm of the cheesy. Also, watching this movie would be a good way to drop the hint if you happen to have a crush on a close friend.

“Annie Hall” – One of Woody Allen’s earlier movies, “Annie Hall” isn’t exactly a romantic-comedy – more like a comedy that just happens to be about a guy in love. Allen stars opposite Diane Keaton who plays the title role of Annie. The plot centers around their relationship, its subsequent demise and Allen’s fruitless attempts to win Annie back. I love that this movie shows that while not all relationships can have the Hollywood ending, it doesn’t subtract their significance from our life story.

“Amélie” – “Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” is such a wonderful movie, I recommend it to everyone. Amélie is a young woman working as a waitress in a Parisian café. Her parents raised her with minimal contact with the outside world, which has left Amélie with a constant yearning for affection. When she decides to begin meddling in the lives of those around her to make their lives better, she unwittingly sets the ball in motion for her own life to change dramatically. You might recognize Audrey Tautou from last summer’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and in this earlier film, she gives a charming performance that I found reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

“Lady and the Tramp” – If you’re anything like me, most of your misconceptions about love were formed at an early age thanks to Disney movies and their impossibly idealistic portrayal of how love unfolds. That said, I’m a sucker for nostalgic movies, and if you are too, then Lady and the Tramp is a great classic love story, but, you know, with dogs. Besides, I think the scene in the Italian restaurant with the one strand of spaghetti is too cute not to love. Who knows, maybe you and your date can recreate it at Fellini’s?