The Haveners are a historical a cappella group

Jennifer Tansey

The final group in The Villanovan’s coverage of Acappellapalooza 2007 is The Haveners. The 12 members, under the direction of Adriane Bernabei and Christine Guerrini, comprise the oldest of the three all-female a cappella groups. Beginning with more of a folk repertoire, The Haveners now sing contemporary music, from The All-American Rejects to Haddaway. The majority of these songs are actually arranged by the group members themselves. When asked about the origins of the group’s name, the girls couldn’t help but smile. “The name has no link to Villanova,” sophomore Heidi Krump says. “The founding members were from New Haven, Conn., and that’s how it came about.”

However, through the years, The Haveners’ name has become known throughout Villanova’s campus.

At the beginning of the school year, 10 new members joined the group. With a fresh pool of talent, The Haveners look at this year as a revival for themselves.

Sophomore Christine Manning recalls, “Although so many people were new, we all came together very quickly.”

“Our first semester was so strong because we worked hard and genuinely like practicing together,” Bernabei adds.

In addition to singing as The Haveners, all 12 girls participate in the parent group, The Villanova Voices. While the musical styles of the Voices and The Haveners are different, the members all share a passion for singing. Many of The Haveners met for the first time at Villanova’s week-long Music Camp in mid-August.

“I met some of my best friends through Voices,” Guerrini says. “I’m even living with three of them next year.”

“I love it,” freshman Heather Shaw says. “The Voices, Singers and Gospel Ensemble just got back from Spain. Touring was such a great experience.”

The closing of the spring semester promises to bring more opportunities for The Haveners to spread their music. In two weeks, the members plan to tour at Penn State University and, during the week of April 22-28, hold an end-of-the-year concert with guest groups. With a fun and energetic style, The Haveners put on a great show that will surely have crowds dancing in their seats.